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We Will Run And Settle Abroad; Ghana Will Soon Be Like Zimbabwe – Nana Addo Told.

It is the desire of every Africa country to develop and eradicate hardship and poverty from their citizen. As a result, every President in Africa is doing his or her best in other to make his or her country one of the best in Africa. Despite Nana Addo’s effort to transform Ghana, Oliver Osagyefo Barker drops another bold message to the President claiming that if cate is not taken, Ghana will soon become like Zimbabwe.

Oliver Osagyefor Barker lamented over the continuous depreciation of the Cedi for the past 15 years. According to Oliver Osagyefo Barker Vormawor, the leaders in Ghana are always attributing the current hardship in Ghana to Covid 19 and Russia Ukraine War instead of trying to find solutions to the problem. In his view, if things continue like this, Ghana will soon be like Zimbabwe.


“Everything about Ghana Convinces me that we are on our way towards Zimbabwe. And I feel like the mad man who keeps screaming and keeps getting ignored because everyone is either focused on protecting their own; Wanting to be part of the looting, caught up in this NPP-NDC long con; or just wants to run and settle abroad”. – Nana Addo Told.

We Will Run And Settle Abroad; Ghana Will Soon Be Like Zimbabwe – Nana Addo Told. 1

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