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Yes! I am hot-tempered; if you insult me, I’ll also insult you back – Fmr Deputy Minister

Ghana’s Ambassador to Saudi Arabia, Alhaji Mohammed Habib Tijani has openly admitted that he is hot-tempered but was quick to add that it is human to be.

He also reveals that he is a politician and prior to that he was a teacher who taught children and is married with children as well.

The former lawmaker was reacting to allegations by a section of constituents that he is hot-tempered and insults people who attack him verbally or on social media.

“Yes! I am hot-tempered. I agree but I believe in one thing, I am a human being, I am a politician. Before I became a politician bear in mind, I was an Islamic cleric, a teacher who has taught kids, I have wives and children and learned. I have a family; I am a human being and I respect myself but sometimes you see somebody talking to you just because he thinks you are a politician; he should insult you in such a way that nobody will respect you”

According to him, his principle is that he would insult you back if you dare verbally abuse him vowing never to depart from it.

“I have my principle and I will never stop it. If you insult me, I will insult you back till the end of my life. That is my life. Where you insulted me, I will also insult you on that spot because you respect me and I respect you. Until the end of the world, if you insult me, I will retaliate in equal measure. I know the whole world is watching if you send someone to insult me, I will gladly give the appropriate insult to the person to deliver to you. I will do it thousand times if you insult me”, he disclosed on Motion TV monitored by

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