2 year Old Girl With A Bent Spinal Cord Needs Urgent Treatment – Mother Cries for Help

Mother of 2-year old, Samira Yakubu is pleading for the treatment of her daughter, Vasera Ibrahim who has a bent spinal cord.

Speaking with Ayisha Bayipa on SVTV Africa, Samira explained that she first realized it when she began to sit, however she wrote it off thinking that it was nothing.

Vacera has a condition that prevents her from sitting or standing straight due to a protruding spinal cord. Samira further added that they are currently doing physiotherapy but they are unable to settle the debts.

”I couldn’t afford the physio anymore so we stopped going in November 2020. For now, we are unable to tell the effects but she complains of pains frequently,”  Samira said.

Let’s support Vacera to avoid complications. If you would love to support little Vacera, kindly contact SVTV Africa Foundation.


Watch the full interview;



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