44-year old man beats 41-year old woman for allegedly cheating on him with their landlord

The subject of domestic and marital abuse has been tested this afternoon on a poor woman who has no say except to receive the venom of man who is not just her husband but her children’s father. Mrs. Akomea Patience 41, is not a legally wedded wife and neither is she a traditionally wedded wife but she does and performs the actions of a wife solemnly on mutual agreement.

She met Mr. Akomea in 1998 when the lad made known his grievances to her. She accepted and showed him her family. Those were the days that marriage was solely on a bottle of schnapps, but it faded away when Chiefs and elders in various communities helped curbed that practices. Wholly because it made the male counterparts take advantage of their female counterparts.

Mrs. Patience Akomea after showing Mr. Akomea her family house and her parents, went to see them and promised to come back with all the needed items for the marriage ceremony in 1998. According to Madam Patience, the husband went along with two cola nuts and schnapps and old currency 20,000 which is today’s GH¢2.

The parents of Madam Akomea took the items on 24 November 1998 and gave their blessings to Mr. Akomea to take their daughter Patience, with the sole aim of coming to prepare the rightful marriage ceremony in due course. Madam Patience said if it is today that the husband will go to her family and wed her, she can’t tell. 24 November 2020 was their 22years of being together on mutually agreed marriage without no traditional or legal basis.

Mr. Akomea and Patience have been blessed with four children of whom three are girls and one is a boy. All those 22years Patience has been with Mr. Akomea and given him four children without formally wedding her, is still not enough for the man of 44years. Eye witness who saw the escalating argument between the two narrated to us that, she was in bed room when she overheard the wife Patience, saying if you had bought a new television, I wouldn’t have been in his room.

Mr. Akomea has accused the wife without evidence of been in a friendly movement of the landlord of the house. The landlord, Mr. Agyenim when I spoke to him on the phone through Akosua Emmanuella, said he doesn’t know anything the husband is talking about. And he is even in his eighties so how can such a movement even take place, only Mr. Akomea can explain.

Mr. Akomea has had his television set been expired for over one year and due to that, the wife Patience always goes to the landlord’s room to watch programs and movies to entertain herself. Mr. Akomea did not like the idea of his wife using the landlord’s room as cinema and accused her of having something to do with the man.

Akosua Emmanuella told me as the wife tried to speak, Mr. Akomea picked a used mortar pistil and tired to hit the wife with it. The wife was fast to dodge the first hit but wasn’t fast to escape the second one. The pistil hit the lower abdomen of the wife and she has been rushed to the Afianya Clinic for emergency care.

The wife couldn’t breath for almost twenty minutes because she was gasping for air as the pains from the hit was very massive for her abdomen. The wife couldn’t talk to me because of the situation she is in. Here is what Mr. Akomea used to ask the parents of Patience for their daughter. 



Source: RockyJDJones


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