70% of buildings constructed in Ghana are without the input of architects – Osae Akornnor

The Vice President of the Ghana Institute of Architects, Foster Osae-Akornnor has stated that about 70% of Ghana’s developments in terms of buildings across the nation are constructed without the input of architects or building technologists.

Speaking in an interview on Accra-based Joy FM, Mr Osae-Akornnor explained that it is difficult to evacuate people when there is a disaster because the buildings are not properly structured and the health and safety of occupants are not also considered.

“About 70% of the developments are not controlled and when a disaster occurs like a fire outbreak, it becomes very difficult to evacuate people from the building and even when they are evacuated where do they assemble, that is another factor that must be considered when putting up a building, a lot of things in terms of health and safety of the occupants are not being considered and this is because professionals are not consulted and in instances where they are consulted the client doesn’t really pay them well so they limit their services”. He noted.

Responding to what the Institute is doing to enforce the governing laws of constructions in Ghana, Mr Osae-Akorrnor said the Institute is not well equipped to ensure regular enforcement.

“When it comes to enforcement of the construction processes, the institute doesn’t have the capacity to do regular enforcement, because what they have to do is at each stage of the construction process, that they have to approve before one can put up a building,” he said.

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