A Plus Exposed 37 Military Hospital Staffs For Taking Bribe

Former New Patriotic Party campaigner Kwame Asare Obeng popularly known as A Plus has tag 37 37 Military Hospital for bribe activities before attending or doing operations.
According to him, bribe nurses and doctors took before attending to people was higher than what the government which owns the facility made. he even states that Prof Mills was left lying in a car at 37 Military Hospital where Nobody attended to him until they got wind that the car was carrying the president of Ghana.

Taking To His Social Media Handle, He Wrote;

Yesterday, my brother Atick Yakubu published a post on his Facebook page about how he fell critically ill but when he got to 37 Military Hospital, he was told there was no bed. He lamented how the doctors and nurses completely ignored him to a point where he saw his very life gradually but painful slipping away.

According to him, but for paying a bribe of two thousand Ghana cedis, he would have bought the farm The most annoying part is that; he paid two thousand Ghana Cedis as a bribe before he was operated on but the surgery it’ self cost about one thousand four hundred Ghana Cedis (1400.00).

The bribe for the nurses and doctors took before attending to him was higher than what the government which owns the facility made. This is a military hospital where you expect staff to be more disciplined. The least said about Korle Bu and others the better.

When Nana Ama McBrown was involved in an accident and her whole hand was hanging by a tiny flesh – almost ripped off, she was left standing at the hospital holding her bleeding limb while her partner made calls to see if they could find a doctor to operate on her.

Are you surprised? If you are then it is because so soon, you have forgotten that a whole president, Prof Mills (may his soul rest in peace) was left lying in a car at 37 Military Hospital. Nobody attended to him until they got wind that the car was carrying the president of Ghana. If a president was treated like this, tell me why you expect them to treat you who went to the hospital in trotro and is going to pay with NHIS any better?

This country is sick and full of hypocrites. We are here supporting black lives matter. Our President even wrote a beautiful piece in support of BLM and condemn police brutality in America yet we cannot rise up against the evil doctors and nurses who through corruption, negligence and unprofessional behaviour have caused so many people to fall off the toilet or to be hit by a bus if you like.

The sad part is that, the issue I’m talking about now is not an issue at all for some Ghanaians. The issue they rather have is Kwame A Plus – he likes talking too much. Naturally, a huge percentage of Ghanaians are dumb and very difficult to understand. However, I have encountered their kind innumerable times and have naturally built a though skin over time – the talking shall continue unabated.

As a kid, I heard of many strikes by doctors and nurses to demand better conditions of service. Today, I’m 43 years and we are all aware of the uncountable doctors and nurses strikes governments have been confronted with over the years. Almost every time they strike, the government of the day meets their demands yet most of them, not all, (some are very good) are very wicked people who treat humans like vile animals to the chariots of kings. In some cases, a poor dying person is told there is no bed just because a hospital staff has reserved the bed for those who can pay.

In the same hospital where “the government is so wicked” because it has failed to provide beds, just pay a bribe and these “Okomfo Anokye” doctors and nurses shall conjure a bed from the skies like the golden stool. When they see the money, the same people who were ignoring you will begin treating like you are the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.

After doing this to ourselves, we will all converge on traditional and social media to blame the politician. “NDC and NPP” are the same. How different are the doctors and nurses in Korle Bu, 37 Military Hospital, Okomfo Anokye Hospital, Ridge Hospital etc???

We are very wicked people.

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