Aboboyaa And Pragya Riders Are The Cause Of High Teenage Pregnancy In Deboase – Chief

Deboase, a town in the Wasa East District of the Western Region and has been recording an abnormal rate of teenage pregnancy for sometime now. According to the Tufohene of Deboase, Nana Ekow Piabo IV, the tricycle riders popularly known as Aboboyaa and Pragya are the cause of this abnormal rate of teenage pregnancy in the town.

According to the Chief, Nana Ekow Piabo IV teenage pregnancy is now the issue among the youth in the township and they are trying their best to control it by implementing a bye laws.

Nana Ekow Piabo IV further added that there are a lot of factors contributing to the youth to indulge in sexual act that sometimes makes it difficult to control which one of them is poverty.


Nana Ekow Piabo IV revealed that these girls are in the ages of 12, 13, and 14 years and are getting impregnated by these tricycle riders.

The chief and the traditional council are doing their best to bring traditions and cultures in the community such as ‘Bragor’ to be performed for a girl who is still virgin before she turns 18 years. When these traditions and cultures are brought back into the society it will help to minimize the rate of teenage pregnancy in the town. He added.


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