Achimota Sch. wrong to discriminate against students with dreadlocks – Education Watch

The Africa Education Watch has lashed out at the Achimota School for denying admission to two new students because they had dreadlocks.

First-year students across the country resumed school Thursday, March 19, following a schedule by the government.

The Father of one of the victims Raswad Nkrabea took to social media, following the incident, to express his displeasure over the matter and has indicated he would visit the GES to seek answers as to why his kids were denied admission.

The Executive Director for the Africa Education Watch Kofi Asare stressed that no agency in this country has the right to deprive a child of their right to education.

He indicated that “the act of Parliament says they are wrong to have refused them admission because they have discriminated against them.”

Mr Asare contends that the right to education is a fundamental right.

A similar incident occurred in 2016 where some mission schools including Mfatseman Girls disallowed students with dreadlocks admission. The Rastafari council subsequently threatened court action.

In other parts of the continent like Malawi, a high court in 2020, ordered the government to allow Rastafarian students with dreadlocks to attend school.

Efforts to secure a reaction from the school have been unsuccessful.


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