An Embassy in Ghana supported ‘Western Togolanders’ in 2017 – Security Analyst alleges

Security analyst, Paul Boateng, has alleged that a European country’s Embassy in Ghana, three years ago gave support to the Homeland Study Group Foundation (Western Togoland) in their struggle for secession from Ghana.

According to him, the said Embassy in 2017 coached and aided the secessionist group to write officially to the United Nations to recognize their ‘country’, ‘Western Togoland’ as an independent state.

“The government must be firm in dealing with these separatists because they are not going to stop with their attacks anytime soon. That’s why I’m using the tree analogy in commentary about this group. Those who have been arrested are like the tree leaves, we are left with the tree branches, the tree itself and the roots. Even with the roots, we have taproots and the taproots can be foreign nationals.

“I’m saying so because I know that in 2017, a foreign country’s Embassy in Ghana guided this secessionist group to write to the UN. This group has been agitating since 2006 and it is important that we deal with them expeditiously,” Paul Boateng told Kasapa FM‘s Akwasi Nsiah in an interview.

Mr Paul Boateng cautioned against the use of brute force to crush the secessionist warning that such a move will fail.

“The government has to set up a team and get the intelligence community to fish out those backing this group and get them arrested. We’ll need to engage all the foreigners that may be connected with this group because of the diplomatic relationship we have with them. If we don’t do this and we try to use brute force it will backfire. Under the circumstances, negotiation is necessary as has happened elsewhere around the world.”

A group of persons believed to be members of Western Togoland separatist movement Monday down attacked the State Transport Corporation (STC) in the Volta regional capital of Ho.

In this latest attack allegedly carried out by the group which follows an earlier attack on some state institutions and police stations including mounting of roadblocks on Friday 25th September 2020, some drivers in the yard were beaten while two vehicles belonging to the company were set ablaze.

The vehicles including a 14-seater bus with registration number, GG-4054-19 was burnt totally while the second one GG-1737-19 had parts of it burnt.

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