Arrogant politicians haven’t been to the mortuary before – Cletus Avoka

Member of Parliament(MP) for Zebilla Constituency Cletus Avoka has said that people who rise to higher positions in society and become arrogant have never visited the mortuary.

In Ghana, the is a penchant for people who rise in the Corporate or political ladder to become arrogant and look down on their colleagues, especially people who they come across.

This worrying trend has led to some Members of Parliament losing their seats.

But speaking to Bolgatanga-based A1 Radio in an interview which was re-streamed by the Zebilla lawmaker said MPs who become arrogant as a result of their portfolios have never visited the mortuary.

According to him, if they have visited the mortuary and seen that human is nothing and that you’ll be treated like a commoner, they’ll realize the need to humble themselves.

“People who are arrogant are those who haven’t gone to the mortuary before. As an MP and I live very close to Korle Bu. I go to the mortuary and I see somebody who has a house and before you enter there you have to use remote control, he has all the Benz cars, when he has headache he flies to Germany to treat headache and come back.

He’s dead, go to the mortuary and see my country people are there, the kusasi and the frafra one will hold your leg and one will hold your hand and they will twist you like that and put you into the fridge as if you are a bag of cement. Those who are arrogant are the ones who haven’t gone to the mortuary before to see how decent people, rich people are treated.”




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