Big Trouble Befalls Kennedy Agyapong’s Net 2 TV and a Host

The former Police IGP in Ghana Dr. Kweku Asante has highly Descend heavily on Kennedy Aggyapong and his man on Net 2 TV.

It is a critical and a serious moment as Dr Kweku Asante drops serious allegations against the Kennedy Aggyapong’s young Man by name Kwaku Annan on Net 2.

We are very much aware about the popular Television program on Net 2 which is titled “The Hot seat show”.

According to the words of the former police IGP Kwaku Annan has used Kennedy Aggyapong’s TV station Net 2 to tanish his image and hence he sued Kennedy Aggyapong’s TV Net 2 and Kwaku Annan for deformation.

“Kwaku Annan used the media (Net 2) which belongs to Kennedy Aggyapong to accuse me. He said a harbour criminals and I am also a criminal. We shall meet at court and he will show me much evidence. He has bite more than you can chew” – Former Police IGP Descend heavily on Kennedy Aggyapong’s TV station Net 2 and Kwaku Annan.

It likely that within the week or next week Aggyapong’s might represent his TV Station in court as well as with Kwaku Annan for words of defamation.

In short, Former Police IGP sued Kennedy Aggyapong’s Net 2 TV and Kweku Anna for defamation.

It is clear that Net 2 had bite more than they can chew by dropping those serious allegations against the noble police officer. The former IGP is insisting that Net 2 will show him the evidence of their allegations in court.




Source: broadcastghana


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