Breaking: KNUST students injured, properties destroyed as confusion hits SRC vetting (WATCH VIDEOS)

Several students at the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST) have been injured and some school properties destroyed.

This follows a misunderstanding between some members of University Hall (Katanga) and Unity Hall, (Conti) on Sunday morning.

In videos gone viral on social media, the students were seen fighting and throwing blows at each other.

Members of each camp were also captured throwing chairs at their fellows at the Great Hall.

The confusion occurred during the vetting of some persons for the Students Representative Council elections.

The Public Relations Officer of the Students Representative Council at KNUST, Caleb Asamoah Temeng in an interview with CitiNews explained that, “It all started with the usual processions by the two halls in support of their various candidates from the halls to the Great Hall before the vetting starts. When the Katangees arrived, there was some sort of confusion between them and the Continentals. One gentleman believed to be part of the management team of an aspirant from Conti was preventing the Katangees from entering the Hall. This caused the first chaos between the two sides.”

Tensions rose further when the Electoral Commission announced the postponement of the vetting due to the rowdy nature of the two sides.

Watch the video below.

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