Breaking: Owner of Melcom hs been killed by Covid-19

Reports reaching is that owner of Melcom, Mr Bhagwan Ramchand Khubchandani  is dead.

Reports indicate that he died on Monday, January 25th 2021 at the Nyaho Medical Centre in Accra after contracting the coronavirus disease.

Mr Bhagwan Ramchand Khubchandani  was born on October 30, 1937 in India.

It has been indicated that although an Indian, he spent a larger part of his life in Ghana, where he established more shops.

Melcom was started as a family business in September 1989 by Bhagwan Khubchandani and his sons-in-law Ramesh Sadhwani and Mahesh Melwani.

Currently, it has about 48 shops across the Globe



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