Broadcasters outraged over textbook stigmatizing Ewes

Some broadcasters have expressed outrage over a textbook for primary schoolchildren which appears to denigrate Ewes in the country.

According to former Citi FM broadcaster Richard Dela Sky, the book characterises Ewes and must be withdrawn.

“My attention has been drawn to some contents of this book (”Golden English”). Now, IF this book for educating our pupils really contains the characterisation captured in the picture to the right, and IF it is indeed a part of the ‘official’ books used in teaching our children as some have suggested, then the Ghana Education Service must withdraw it effective immediately. The reason, I think, is obvious. Put differently, the outrage speaks for itself,” he wrote on Facebook.

Also commenting on the book, popular broadcaster Dzifa Bampoe wrote “When Richard Dela Sky shared this, I thought it was just an “ignorant” mistake but there are two other negative references to the Ewe people. Then the barefaced lies written about Osagyefo Dr Kwame Nkrumah and the CPP and I am like we have to call this out. I had to have long conversations with my daughter about Osagyefo. This is not right at all”.

Aside the broadcasters, politician Edem Agbana of the opposition NDC has also fumed over the book saying “What is most shocking is the complicity of the once functional and respected regulator of Basic Education, the Ghana Education Service, in their endorsement of this material. GES has historically been a sacred national institution for the promotion of national values and narratives as they are the first line of education and indoctrination for young Ghanaians”.

He further noted: “It is unclear why there seem to be an attempt at ethnic and political revisionism within their curricula but whatever it is we must all be concerned that there’s a national problem on our hand.

“Do not sit unconcerned. Tomorrow your Nzema or Akuapem tradition that you cherish may be the subject of this dangerous profiling and by which time it may be late because we didn’t nip it in the bud when the problem first reared its ugly head”.

Broadcasters outraged over textbook stigmatizing Ewes 2


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