C/R: 60 year old man dead body found at komanten

A 60year old man mbeam know as Kwasi Papa have been captured dead at komanten at the back of Npp Party Office area at Saltpond Nkubeam Electra Area in the Mfantseman Municipality of the Central Region.

The dead body were found at uncompleted building in a bush been naked at surbab at komanten suspected to have killed somewhere and dumbed there and he is at his 60s interms of age.

People in the area suspected that he was beaten to death and dumped there a day before they noticed in the area,and they don’t know his whereabouts and he is not from the area but later identify him at the mortuary by Assemblyman Hon Francis Ekowdotse in the Nkubeam Electra Area.

He called on the police and went for the body which is almost decomposing it at Saltpond mortuary by family members.


Source: Douglas Oyiboh Amponsah

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