Call for Peace in Techiman Municipality amidst 2020 post election tensions


The above collaborators is alliance of rural community women who believe and practice women empowerment, and are motivated to help change the world by working on awareness, advocacy, and support to individual women and girls, organizations, and projects dedicated to the improvement of women and girls suffering from poverty, oppression, abuse. and lack of opportunity.

We believe that, when peace in Techiman Municipal is jeopardized, the vulnerable suffers. We therefore wish to express our profound gratitude and appreciation to all the security agencies and the traditional authorities in the Techiman Municipal for the sacrifices and contributions to the 2020 general elections, working tirelessly around the clock to contain the tensions and pressure by maintaining peace, law, and order.

We are pleased by your tremendous and professional work. We want to commend the security agencies for calming the tension in the Techiman Municipality. They have conducted themselves professionally in the interest of all, to maintain peace, law and order. We believe that in every human institution, there are mistakes so we urge the Security Agencies to however work on any shortfalls in the discharge of their duties.

The Security Agencies would not have been successful without the help of Citizenry by comporting themselves. We will be ungrateful if we fail to thank individuals. traditional authorities, and other stakeholders for their incalculable support in diverse ways during the collation of the 2020 elections results.

We however regret the unfortunate incident that happened at the collation centre leading to the loss of lives and injuries as well as destruction of properties. We call for PEACE to reign amidst these post-election disturbances in the Techiman Municipality. Peace is a basic necessity for national development and as such must be an enviable asset to be protected by every individual, community , and nation.

No country, society, community or individual develops in the midst of violence. The recent politically motivated violence in the Techiman Municipality is a strong force that can jeopardize the peaceful co-existence among residents. It has the tendency of marrying the sound, competitive, and enviable social, economic, and political development Techiman has experienced over the years.

This is an achievement that cannot be traded for anything. Politically motivated violence has negative impact of extremism on its victims, particularly women, children, PWDs, and the aged. An unsound environment is created for businesses and other social activities to progress, thereby curtailing development.

For instance, on 9th of December – 2020, business activities within the Techiman Municipality were forced to halt as a result of political violence. Banks and other financial institutions were forced to close before the normal closing time .

Petty traders and other market activities were deserted as both sellers and buyers had to run for their lives. Majority of the affected being women. Political violence is likely to affect people’s psychologically, emotionally, and physical development, particularly children who experience such violence. Politically motivated violence fuels an iota of fear that aggravates the effects of individual attacks.


Call for Peace in Techiman Municipality amidst 2020 post election tensions 2


For instance, residents within the Techiman Municipality and its environs are afraid to go about their normal daily activities for the fear of being attacked. This fear is further compounded by individual s without the right kind of data and information. Political violence comes with its own implications on general health conditions, particularly mental health such as depression and anxiety among others. Notably, the World Health Organization (WHO) indicates that between one-third to one-half of people exposed to political violence will endure some type of mental distress (WHO, 2001).

Political violence has the tendency of diverting resources meant for education, social and political engagements, responsive public systems, economic development among others to the protection against the harmful impacts it has on human lives, properties, 3nd other spheres of the society. Unstable political atmosphere will deter investors and potential investors from doing business in the Municipality, which has a trickle down effect on the Region and the Nation at large.

Techiman Municipal is a beckon of economic development in Ghana and the Sub-Saharan Africa. It links the Northern part of Ghana to the South and is growing at a fast pace, particularly in economic activities. Any political violence in Techiman is likely to affect the whole country and Africa in general. This cannot be condoned and all stakeholders should collaborate to ensure political violence is not perpetrated. Lives and properties are needed for sound economic, political and social activities to carried on and as such must be guided jealousy.

COPIO, PMC, WVL-GH, and WOCAP appeal to the Techiman Traditional Council, the Religious Bodies, Market Women Associations and Leaders of Political Parties among others to, as a matter of urgency to have interest in the post-election issues in the Municipality. Tensions are high in the atmosphere so we appeal to Nananom and all major stakeholders to mediate with these political parties and the factions involved to calm burning nerves. We urge all Imams, Pastors, Traditional Leaders as major stakeholders of peace to start preaching peace during their congregations.

As partners in development in the Municipality and the country as a whole, development will be drawn back if the peace in the Municipality is tempered with whem children, the aged, and women among other vulnerable groups, particularly, PWDs fundamental human rights are violated. We also call on the Muslim Community, Zongo Community and parents to educate the youth who are used to cause chaos and confusing in this post-election period. We urge everybody especially the youth to be peace ambassador and, also make a personal commitment in peace building in the Municipality.

We also appeal to all media houses and organizations to do a triangulation of information before airing it for public consumption to avoid the spread of false information and fake news. Social media users and the public, are therefore advised to desist from spreading false information to create unnecessary tension and confusion in the Municipality especially about the recent shooting incidence. It must be clear that false information is against the laws of the land and anyone found doing so can be prosecuted so all persons must speak with facts and not perceptions and emotions.

Techiman needs PEACE to develop, Ghana needs PEACE to develop, Africa needs PEACE to develop, and the World needs PEACE to develop. Let us all embrace PEACE and achieve
‘ development.





Source: Kwadwo Ofosu Baffoe (K.O.B) / – Techiman

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