COVID-19 takes a toll on services of Hairdressers

The outbreak of the covid-19 pandemic has taken a toll on every aspect of the economy both locally and around the globe, including hairdressers.

Madam veronica Atta Mensah, a hairdresser at weija in an interview with the Ghana news agency said, the pandemic caused a huge debt in her business, in a way that, clients do not visit her shop with the excuse of the fear of the virus.

In the interview, madam veronica said, “I earn at least GHC 250 a day with washing and braiding inclusive, but now I come to the shop without anyone passing through and this has continued for some months now” thus, reduction in number of clients due to social distancing.
There’s been a gradual improvement on sales now as compared to the sales during the unexpected pandemic hit in the country, but with time, it’s getting better but on a slower rate pace. She said.

The previous years of sales were better as compared to this year due to the virus, regarding the number of clients .’’I don’t earn much income as I would in the previous years before the pandemic. She said.

Most clients now prefer home services than visiting the shop, which comes with extra cost, time and money and ‘’I think that helps at least to earn something than to sit in the shop without anyone passing by, but I still adhere to the directives passed by the President in one of his nations Address. She said.

Madam veronica added that, clients braided more than hair washing, retouching, and hairstyling.

She said five clients who came to the saloon with their combs, towels, shampoo, conditioner and rollers and she couldn’t charge them the normal price due to free water and fifty per cent reduction of electricity bill and that became a challenge to her.

Madam Rukaya Gomina who owns a salon at Nima also said, this year Sallah celebration has recorded low sales as compared to the previous years, which she believed was the effect of the COVID-19 and the lockdown directives given towards the Eid prayer.

“I hope and believe that low recording of sales will be a thing of the past, if the coronavirus pandemic comes to end and I also plead with the government to ease the restrictions of the lockdown, since Ghanaians are adhering to all protocols given.’’ She added.

Madam Ohenawaa Ofosua, a Hairdresser, speaking with the GNA said, although hairdressing did not generate high incomes, this year was appaling on account of the virus.

“I plead with Ghanaians and government to unite against the virus for our businesses to bounce back.



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