Dansoman Languards issues: Nii Kojo Danso II calls on the government to denounce Nii Pampamku

I am Nii Kojo Danso ii chief of Dansoman and member of Ngleshie Alata Traditional Council. As a citizen of Ghana, we all deserve equal protection from the law.

One Lafa Mantse as he claimed to be has unleashed handguards disguised as Asafoatsemei around Dansoman / McCarthy Hills vicinity.

I was first approached by this notorious chief through one Nii Okudgeman, self-acclaimed Ngleshie Alata Djaasetse, acting Ngleshie Alata Mantse to solicit a power of attorney from me over Part of Dansoman lands and beyond.

Nii Kojo Danso II
Nii Kojo Danso II

I declined their request resulting in them taking things into their own hands to perpetuate their ill-conceived plan of taking over.

Nii Pampamku is known to be a member and national security agent, as he portrays himself, using that to intimidate people and taking over their property without any proof of documents backing his claims.

He has thugs disguised as Asafoatsetsemei wielding guns inflicting bodily harm to uncooperative landowners and developers. Several reports of attacks by this Nii Pampamku (also known as Nii Okubuofor of Lafa) have not yielded any result.

He intimidates police with his political background such as copying letters to the first lady with twisted facts, using his political background to muscle his way out.

His ingratiating vice and henchman Nii Okudgeman V to an extent proudly put on the Ngleshie Alata media of one national security expedition with Pampamku in regalia singing war songs.

This Nii Pampamku bears a gazette in the name of Nii Lafa of Ajumanku Dawuranpong Town which upon investigation was fraudulently acquired. Several reports of his atrocities have been launched to the Police department but it appears he is immune to prosecution. The government should come out and accept or denounce this guy so that justice for all must prevail.

Below is a photo of one of the victims of the land guards operating in the area. He was beaten and cut with a cutlass on his land for refusing to oblige the commands of the land guards who stormed his legally acquired property.

Victim of Land guard attacks
Victim of Land guard attacks


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