Does the robbery attacks on Banks in the country relate to the #FixTheCountry Demo??? – Kwabena Yeboah Ask

Last week Monday, there was a robbery case that happened at Accra timber market where notorious armed robbers attacked a bullion van carrying bulk of monies, and Rob’s the bulk of monies to flee away.

Around kasoa on that same week there was an attempt to rob another bullion van again, but unfortunately the armed robbers couldn’t succeed in their operation to attack the bullion van because there was reinforcement from the security operatives to prevent the armed robbers to execute their plan activity.

The calculated attempt by the armed robbers led to an innocent police officer, Constable Emmanuel Osei and a woman was shot to dead. May their souls rest in perfect peace. Whilst the driver of the van is injured. This was the account of the crime scene at Accra timber market around Jamestown.

Currently there is pressure emanating from the corridors of the youths blowing hot air onto the incumbent government to fix the ills and rots in the country.

It started from social media where celebrities like Afia Odo and the likes, and some technocrats and politicians singing the chorus of fix the country.

The goal post shifted from raw talk to working the talk, when those trumpeting for the country to be fixed, wanted to hit the street with a massive demonstration, to express their grievances to the government.

But the case is in court, to determine their faith on permissional grounds from the police to go and demonstrate.

According to the fix the country movement, the hardship under the leadership of President Akufo Addo is disasterous and catastrophic.

There are a lot of taxes imposement, increment on fuel, prices, commodities prices, transport fares, hospital, light, water and rent bills is very outrageous, unemployment rate is beyond imagination, the cost of living is too high, both the rich and poor are crying, this is their narrative.

Someone may ask, that it is because of the hardship in the country is too much per the fix the country movement, that’s why some people want to survive on boot for boot principle damn the consequences, to rob the banks, cause that’s where the monies are been kept?

If the robbery cases keep on increasing widely,it will be a sign language to tell the international communities that the country is not safe, and it will put fear into Foreigners not to come and invest in our economy.

When this happened the economy can’t grow with astronomical speed, the effect of the novel Corona virus, punched a very big hole into the economy,now that the hole is been filled on a snail base.

Another school of thought is that,if the incumbent President Akufo Addo and his appointees does nothing to Marshall and prevent the crimes going on,it shows clearly that they are incompetents when it comes to national security matters.

This might let the fix the country movement get more grounds to attack them.

So they should fix all the lapses in the security setup, to prevent any crime.


Story by Kwabena Yeboah



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