Dr. Kofi Amoah donates Ghs25,000 to help primary one girl who crawls 1.5 km to and from school

The sad story of a primary 1 pupil with a disability, Agnes Mba who crawls 1.5 kilometers to school and does the same back home everyday has touched the heart of Ghanaian business mogul and philanthropist Dr. Kofi Amoah.

Popularly known as Citizen Kofi, the man who brought American worldwide financial services and communications company, Western Union to Ghana has donated 25,000 Ghana Cedis to help alleviate the plight of the poor little girl.

Agnes Mba’s story went viral a couple of days ago after a publication about her by

According to the report, she is a class one pupil of Dasabligo Primary School in the Nabdam District in the Upper East region of Ghana.

Her lower limbs got paralysed when she was just 3 months old, and she has since been unable to either stand or walk. Due to her condition, she was not enrolled in school early but she has shown a lot of determination to become useful to society despite her condition which she didn’t contribute to in any way.

The report touched the heart of Ghanaian broadcaster and fashion designer Kofi Okyere Darko who pleaded for support to give Agnes a better life.

“Guys, can we do this together? Let’s get her a good wheelchair, some school supplies and provisions.

“This is very important to me. Someone drew my attention to this post on GhanaWeb and I think it will take nothing for all of us to contribute to make her life more comfortable. Really it is something that I could do with my household but I think we should all contribute to support this girl. It’s not just giving her a wheelchair but let’s find a way of empowering her. What do you say? Let’s do something about this,” KOD said.

Then, social media influencer Kaly Jay popularly known as ‘Gyai Gyimie’ also posted the article from Ghanaweb on his official Twitter page and appealed to Ghanaians to extend a helping hand to the youngster.

His post reached Dr. Kofi Amoah who asked Kaly Jay to see him for an amount of 25,000 Ghana Cedis as a contribution of his quota to lessening the plight of Agnes Mba.

@gyaigyimii please see me for my ghs25,000 donation to help assist Agnes, a light of hope for shining a path for the hope of all God bless you Agnes, your perseverance must affect and infect all of us to do better!!” Citizen Kofi wrote in reply to Kaly Jay’s tweet.

Source: Pulse Ghana


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