EC In Trouble Again; Tuesday’s Voter’s Registration Exercise May Be Put On Hold

After the Electoral commission announced the agenda of preparing a new voter’s register it didn’t go on well with most people with the main opposition party, The National Democratic Congress (NDC) took the lead in protesting the agenda. After fruitless effort they dragged the EC to the supreme court to challenge their authority in compiling a new register. Just recently, the supreme court ruled in favor of the EC and gave them the authority to proceed with the exercise. The EC was very happy to have won the case and hence scheduled the exercise to commerce this Tuesday June 30, 2020. But this victory may be short lived.

A reputable lawyer by the name of Basit Banda has challenged the authority given to the EC. He claimed that the supreme court cannot give the EC the authority to proceed and has vowed to challenge the ruling. As at now there is no clear indication on how it’s will done. If the case is to be heard in court the EC has to halt all exercise.

Source: NiiEphraim

Mr Riddims

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