Election 2020: Nogokpo Shrine petitioned over militarization of Volta Region

Volta Youth Network and Concern Youth of Volta Region have yesterday, December 5, 2020 petitioned the Nogokpo Shrine in the Ketu South Municipality of the Volta Region over what the described militarization of the Region ahead of tomorrow, December 7, 2020 elections.

According to the leader of the petitioners, Mr. Kafui Mensah, the deployment of heavy armed security personal by government during the July 2020 Voters Registration Exercise and ahead of tomorrow’s polls is a calculated attempt by the government to intimidate the citizens of the region from coming out in their numbers to vote.

He revealed that after several attempts by the traditional authorities and civil society organization to call on government to withdraw the officer failed, the only option left for them is to bring the issue to the Gods of Nogokpo which they believe can give cover to all citizens in the land from any form of attacks during the Monday elections.Nogokpo petitioners

“We the the people and youth or this region are peace loving people. We don’t want any body to come and distabilised us during this election and we bring this matter for the Gods of Nogokpo to protect us from anyone that will attempt to harm any citizen on this land during and after the elections” – Mr. Mensah told Awake News’ Agaatorne Douglas Assah in an interview after they presented the petition to the High Priestess of Nogokpo Shrine.

“With this matter we have brought here in the shrine and the rituals we have performed, anyone who will pull any gun on the citizens, will not succeed because our Gods is a God of arms and will protect us. And anyone who will harm anybody during this exercise will suffer the consequences now and with his or her entire generations unborn” – He added.

Watch the full interview with Mr. Mensah:


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