Ex-fake prophet confessing all the dark secrets of the churches of these days

The term “everything” is now described by “money” in this generation. People tend to think that when one has money, then life is at it’s peak. People do can do anything and everything just so they can be wealthy, good or bad they don’t care!

A long time ago, crime was one of the shortcuts when it comes to making money, but now people are resolting to more and more short cuts of making money.

I mean we have read and saw videos across all social media platform of people owning large snakes that they use to gain their wealth, imagine how evil the world has become.

What happened to working hard in life to become Doctors, Lawyers, Linguists, Teachers etc. Why do people want to make money the easy way which is the most scariest way of making money.

Now what makes it worse is that, even pastors of big churches are using evil for money and to gain church members. Imagine using the name of God to do evil, how sick! We see them these days, their churches only preach the gospel of miracles and making money. They no longer preach about God.

Apostle Makhado who used to be a fake prophet is doing in all his might to warn people against all the churches of these days.

When he first became a pastor, only a few people would attend his church which would hurt him profoundly, to a point where he would compare his church to other churches, which were mostly owned by foreign pastors/prophets.

He then became friends with these particular prophets who then took him to Nigeria to obtain extra powers that would ensure that he gets more and more followers in his church.. the rituals that were done in Nigeria were dark and evil.

The rituals included eating a dog, getting inside of a drum that had steam etc. When he headed back he was given a pig to bury inside of his church with the explanation that: as the pig head becomes rotten underground that means that it will have worms.. the more the worms, the more the people will attend.

He then later came into a realization that what he is doing is not good but way too evil. He was arrested a few times then he decided to let go of the life that was introduced to him by foreign phrophets. So he wouldn’t advise people to go to those type of churches were they only pray for miracles instead of connecting with God

Mr Riddims

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