Exclusive: Scandal hits NYA as board violates act to approve ‘deal’ for a member

Documents intercepted by has confirmed that the National Youth Authority (NYA) Francisca Oteng-Mensah led board has in violation of the NYA Act 939 of 2016, awarded a contract to one of the Board Members

A Member of the National Youth Authority (NYA) who is the beneficiary has been fingered in the scandal and conflict of interest within the authority.

According to investigations conducted by this portal, the person in question who left the authority citing “issues” he was not comfortable making public is said to have sat in approved a deal over GHC93, 000 for himself in violation of the NYA Act 939 of 2016.

Under the act, a Board Member who has an interest in a matter for consideration shall disclosed the nature of the interest and the disclosure shall form part of the consideration of the matter; and not be present in the deliberations of the Board in respect of the matter among others.

Audio recordings and minutes of board proceedings available to’s investigative desk reveal the Board Member at the centre of the scandal violated the act with impunity with as he is said to have sat through the deliberations to approve a deal in his interest. will bring full details of investigations in its subsequent publication.




Mr Riddims

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