Facemask wearing high, low social distancing

There is a sudden rise in the wearing of facemask in the Central Business District of Accra (CBD) as commuters and students diligently wear the life-saving piece.

There is however low compliance to social distancing in the busy enclave.

The Ghana News Agency (GNA) visited the Kimbu Senior High School, Accra Technical University, Bishop Girls School, Tudu Market and the Makola Market among other areas in the CBD on Monday.

At the Kimbu Senior High School, students were found in queues at the entrance waiting for their temperature to be checked by the security at post. The security man also ensured proper wearing of nose masks by students, staff and visitors who entered the school.

A scout around the compound by the reporters saw veronica buckets with soap, water and tissues positioned at the entrance of each classroom and offices, students were spotted in class with nose masks on.

The Accra Technical University was no different but first-year students and some continuing students were spotted sitting under trees at the school’s entrance and some standing in corridors of the lecture halls with their nose masks on but without observation of social distancing.

A first-year Public Relations student told GNA that all protocols were being observed but they felt that so far as they were in their masks it was safe to go about their normal business without social distancing.

At Bishop Girls School, there was a line-up of veronica buckets with tissues and soaps as pupils in class had their facemasks on. They were sighted in a moderately spaced manner.

As compared to previous weeks, the culture at Tudu Market and Makola Market was different, both traders and pedestrians were seen in their nose masks, going about their business.

The observation of social distancing has been overlooked in the Markets traders had arranged their wears along the pedestrian walk ways in a crowded manner, movement in these places meant rubbing one’s self to another or bumping into each other.

Madam Esther Owusu, a trader said due to the manner in which they had been arranged they feared losing their place in the market area when they shift from their positions.
She said earlier on arrangements were made for them to run shift or others relocated to their community market places but now “we all want to get something for our home so we are all here”.

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