Family cries out as 20-year old man is murdered gruesomely and 4 others seriously injured

The act of lawlessness in this state is so absurd that someone will just murder their fellow humans just for no tangible reasons. An unidentified man believed to be 20, has been murdered and four others have been seriously injured, and lifted to the hospital for no common aim in the Miaso township of the Kwahu East district. The Kwahu East district is one of the 21 district in the Eastern corridor of the country and it’s capital is Abetifi. From Miaso to Abetifi is approximately forty minutes drive.

Miaso is an inhabitants of farmers whom mostly deals in cash and food crops whiles the others deals in animal rearing which cattle and sheep are the most. Cattle sales are massive in the Begoro township of the Fanteakwa district of the same region. Residents and customers comes from Begoro and Akate to Miaso to buy cattle and transport them to Begoro and Akate for selling. Last night, a truck loaded of eighteen cattle coming from Miaso to Akate and Begoro was attacked by unknown individuals for no specific reasons.

In the process, the attackers fired simultaneously, several bullets aimed at the truck carrying the animals and it’s passengers. The gun bullets fired randomly, injured four herdsmen who were guiding the animals in the truck whiles the truck attendant of the long vehicle died on the spot from gun wounds. According to eye witness Patrick Danso who spoke to Kesben media on the gruesome murder, the attackers thought it was people who have come to Miaso to steal animals.

They never cared to even stop the truck first, interrogate the passengers and the buyers but randomly fired aiming at the truck from the bush were they were hiding. It is on records that, some unscrupulous individuals comes to Miaso occasionally to steal the animals of the farmers at gun point so when the truck full of eighteen cows were coming, the attackers hiding in the bush released their gun bullets on them thinking it was thieves.

When they found out the truck wasn’t loaded with any weapons and the truck belonged a buyer who has legitimately paid for the cows, they took to their heels fearing prosecution from the law. All four injured victims were rushed to the Begoro Government Hospital whiles the dead truck attendant has been placed in the mortuary of the same hospital. Police of Begoro was briefed on the case by eye witness Patrick Danso who narrated the incident to Kesben media’s Ali Baba.

The injured victims are all residents of Begoro whiles the driver of the truck and the mate are from Akate. Family members of the mate cried bitterly when the news of the deceased death was delivered to them on the phone. The driver of the truck is still in shock from the bullets fired. It was by God’s grace I survived this said the driver. No arrest had been made at the time this post was published.


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