Fixing the country is not an event – Stephen Amoah


Member of Parliament for Nhyiaeso Dr Stephen Amoah, has rebutted the incessant call by the youth on the government to #FixTheCountry, saying the problems that the youth are calling to be fixed are system problems that are as old as sixty years in the country.

He said the teeming call to #FixTheCountry by the youth on social media should not be taken as an event that can be fixed in just one week.

According to him, doing so means they have prejudicial positions against the government.

Dr Amoah said the #FixTheCountry campaigners have not been able to table concrete areas of the country and governance they want to be fixed even though he acknowledges that there are problems to be fixed in the country.


He said the time the #FixTheCountry campaigners are calling for the system to be fixed was a hard time for any leader in the world because of the coronavirus pandemic as if those problems are events that can be done in one week in the country.

Dr Amoah said, the problem in Africa, especially Ghana, is that almost 90% of the people who are for or against a particular cause have underlying interests which are individualistic

In an interview with Giovani Caleb on the 3FM Drive, he said there has never been a time in the country when there has never been a problem under any government in the country, not even under Osagyefo Dr Kwame Nkrumah.

He was reacting on the heels of the incessant calls by the youth on social media to the government to #FixTheCountry and their intended peaceful demonstration slated for August 4, 2021.

“Fixing Ghana is interesting, it is very interesting, let me ask you, have they been able to table specific variables or areas that needed to be fixed? Not that there is nothing to be fixed, I agree with them but the things that are supposed to be fixed are things that for about 60 or 70 years have been with us, they are systemic.

“That also doesn’t mean that they cannot say we should fix but the time that times that we are having a Covid economy, that things are so hard all over the world, that is the very time you are forcing a government to fix the country as if it’s an event that you can do it within one week. So people have prejudicial positions”, he said.

He added “the problem in Africa is one of this, almost 90% of all those who are for against a particular cause have underlying interests, I’m been honest with you”.

Dr Amoah however stated that if people could genuinely fight for the national interest without their vested interest, then in his opinion Ghana will go far and be very progressive.

Stephen Ansah

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