Footballer Goes Mad After Using A Seven-Year-Old Girl For Sacrifice

A young Ghanaian man who plays for a division team has gone 90% mad after he got himself involved in a cult ritual involving the use of a seven-year-old girl.


According to the young man who is 25-years-old, he sees scary images whenever he is alone, making him run away most of the time. He narrated his story on Kumasi-based Nhyira FM whiles additionally revealing that he was first introduced to cultism when he was in senior high school.


Pressing on, he added that during his SHS days, he went to sought help from a medicine man (mallam) which failed. It was after the failure that he was introduced to occultism (saint as he called it).


He and three others went to sleep at a cemetery and it helped him score three goals during his school’s matches at the inter-schools competition.


That encounter led him to deepen his belief in the practice and he and the three others small spiritual men in their various communities. Continuing his story, the 25-year-old stated that they were once consulted by a galamsey (illegal mining) group for spiritual backing.

The spirit they called ended up demanding a seven-year-old girl as a sacrifice. He and his cult members travelled to a nearby village, got a little girl, and used her as directed.


But after some time, a lot of the things he did have been haunting him and making him behave in a manner which has been deemed as madness.


It was in the pursuit of a solution to his ‘madness’ that his parents brought him to the Wiase Mu Nsem show on Nhyira FM.

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