Former Atebubu Amantin MP Hon Kofi Amoakohene Advice his people to take covid 19 vaccine

Source Atoobu FM 'Atebubu'

The Former MP for the people of Atebubu Amantin Constituency and Bono East Regional former Minister Hon Kofi Amoakohene has urged the people of the Atebubu Amantin to gladly take the covid 19 vaccine .
He said the vaccine would help the citizens to be able to move without fear and anxiety.
He proceeded that he is waiting for the Vaccinators to reach Bono East Region so that he will take it with his people.

Also he further explained that he is ever ready to with the new Bono East Regional minister Hon Kwasi Adu Gyan.

He said they have been brothers for over twenty eight years which shows sign of togetherness between them and they even campaign for each other anytime everywhere.


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