Ghana National Fire Service Operatives Must Take Their Work Seriously – Kwabena Yeboah

How on earth should this happened in Ghana.

When fire service operatives will attend to a fire outbreak scene, without having water to quench the fire.

A part from Ghana I don’t think this can happened elsewhere.

Should we say that the fire service operatives don’t take their occupation serious?

Is who’s responsibility to ensure that water is always available in their van?

Even if there is a shortage of water supply it must not affect their obligations.

There must be a lot of reservoirs to store water and supply to them, if duty calls.

There must be a dam or well made purposely to supply them water.

Most developed countries, will not take us serious, when they heard such stories about Ghana national fire service, unable to quench a fire outbreak because they lacks water in their van.

Looking at the fire outbreak that happened at makola yesterday, when a fire gutted a storey building stores, called Georgina stores.

Georgina store’s sells both wholesale and retail clothing, mainly for women.

Billions of cedis and investments have been wasted, by the fire outbreak.

There will be a burden on the government to solicit the victims by compensation, definitely that will become their pleading.

Banks pressure will also be mounted on the victims, since most of the traders depends on Banks loans for their survive.
Economic actives, will be slow since most customers buys their goods from the burnt stores.

Unemployment will set in through this fire outbreak, most of the stores burnt have worker’s who works for their employers.

Some of the traders at makola said, the fire service office at makola, the government should sack all the fire officer’s from the building, and convert it to a supermarket.

Why they said that looking at the proximity between where the office of the fire service is situated, and the fire outbreak scene, there shouldn’t be any excuse of lateness from the fire service operatives.

When they came too, there wasn’t water in their van.

According to one of their officer’s he said they were having water shortage at their post.

So they requested for reinforcement from cycle and kaneshie branches.

It took them three hours to quench the fire.

The fire service officer said, they will give both business men and women a fire extinguisher freely at makola market.

That anytime there will be a fire outbreak they will used it to quench it, in their absences, as first aid.

We saw a taxi carrying some fire service operatives, holding gallons of water, and fire extinguishers, going to quench a fire outbreak at suame in the Ashanti region.

All these things doesn’t speaks well, about their profession.

The government should support them with logistics, to be able to execute their obligation very effective and professionally.

The must be a modernize and scientific training for them, on how to quench fire outbreaks, without struggles.

Their work is between life and death, and they must be taken good care.

I will plead with successful business men and women, to channel their philanthropic gestures to go and support them.

Maybe they are facing a lot of challenges and occupational hazard, in their profession.

The general public should try and assist them.

For we all need their services.


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