Ghana to experience political tension for three years – Prophet Emmanuel Chinonso Stephen

Prophet Emmanuel Chinonso Stephen, a Nigerian clergyman, says Ghana will be experiencing political tension that will last for three years.

According to him, this political tension will begin immediately but it will bring in protest, riots in the form of a revolution that will claim a lot of lives in Ghana.

The Mountain of Grace and Glory Ministry Prophet, however, warned the political leaders of the country not to do anything that will temper the blood of the innocent citizens of the country.

The Prophet who was ministering in his church told his congregation that, “and the Lord opened my eyes, I saw the country of Ghana, the Lord told me that God’s people in Ghana should pray; I see political tension that will last for three years beginning immediately. I repeat what I saw is not just for 2021 in Ghana; the Lord said to me it will last for three years.”

Prophet Chinonso Stephen explained in his prediction that: “this thing I saw will bring in protest. I saw people die; I saw something that will be like a revolution. There will be hotness, people will not rest, people will be unrest.

The Lord said to me, tell my people to pray and pass a warning unto the political leaders in Ghana that they shall hear my voice; let them not do what shall temper the blood of the innocent, that blood shall begin to speak.

The Lord said I should warn them that all God’s people in Ghana shall lift up their antenna high and pray a prayer of peace. I saw a tension and the Lord said to me it will last for three years; not just something that will happen in 2021 [but will go beyond]. I see protest, rioting; I see some people die.”

Prophet Emmanuel Chinonso Stephen reiterated that it is only through prayer that Ghanaians can avert the calamity that has to befall the country and he [the Lord] shall restore peace in the country.

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