HEARTBREAKING: Man dies few hours after announcing his wedding date

A young man in Tamale, the Northern Regional Capital has sent shockwaves down the spines of his friends after he died shortly after announcing his Islamic wedding date, reports.

Fuseini Sayibu Baba known among peers as Citizen Shaibu Promzy was set to walk down the aisle with Ibrahim Latifa known among colleagues as Queen but this was never to be.

The would be groom had earlier taken to Facebook on February 14, 2021 which was Valentine’s day to write “All families and friends are hearty welcome to my wedding, next week on the 21st February 2021. Thank you”

According to the accompanying flier, the event was set to be held simultaneously at Vittin and Lamasehgu respectively both suburbs of the Tamale Metropolis on February 21, 2021

News came in later that Fuseini Sayibu Baba died hours after the post which has left several of his colleagues distraught.

Details of the cause of death still remain sketchy but he is set to be buried in accordance with the Islamic custom while calls have been made for the would-be bride to undergo some psychological counseling.

Two years ago, a bride also died under mysterious circumstances few hours to her white wedding which was set to be held at the 3 Towns Assemblies of God Church in Hohoe in the Volta Region.

The deceased who was a teacher by profession identified as Pearl Sedinam Lulu was earlier engaged to one Mawufemor Kosi Wampah and was now readying herself for the main event to cement their marriage ceremony the following day when news broke out about her death.


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