He’ll incur God’s wrath – NDC chairman curses arsonist of his 413-acre rice farm

The Northern Regional Chairman of the opposition National Democratic Congress(NDC) Alhaji Ibrahim Mobila has invoked the wrath of God on the arsonist who set his 413-acre rice farm on fire indicating that the suspect and the family will know no peace.

Though the person is yet to be identified, he believes the farm was deliberately set on fire by somebody for reasons unknown but indicated that he would not report the matter to the police but leave it in the hands of God.

According to him, 85% of the farm located at Kujere in the North East Gonja District of the Savannah Region was burnt and the remaining 15% saved by residents.

A grief-stricken NDC executive recalled how someone warned him when he was planting indicating that he will not begrudge anyone but leave in the care of God who seeks and knows that heart of the wicked

“That person has mentioned to me before when we were planting, that no one has been able to farm (on the land) but I have come to do it. I have left the person to God who is the IGP in the world, I don’t mean police IGP…I am reporting the person to God to punish him, his mother and brothers,” he said.

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