Hot Video: Boy’s Hand Stuck in Sakawa Man’s Ring, Finger Ripping Off

Information reaching says that, a boy hand’s has been Stucked in sakawa man’s ring after picking it from a game center which has led to the cutting of the boy’s hand at Kasoa.

According to the report, it say that, it was due time for the sakaman man to die, however he international entered a game centre and place the ring there in order to exchange life with anyone that picks the ring.

In the video spotted by, the boy’s hand has been stacked inside the ring which is chopping the hand leaving small skin holding the ring .

But after consulting the unknown Sakawa man on phone, according to the source, he (Sakawa Man) reveal that before the ring can be removed unless the family of boy sacrifice a blood of a baby and pour it on the ring.

However, the residents at scene also decided to cut off the finger  to set him free which the boy also agreed but after consulting spiritualists around the area, they’re of the view that unless the proposed spiritual direction is done or else after cutting the finger the boy will die instantly,.

This incident has led a lot of fear and panic  among the boy  and the family that the  boy might lost the life.

Also, the boy’s family is calling to any spiritual person to come to their aid and help deliver him from the painful incident.


Watch video below



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