Hot Video: I stopped hairdressing because a ‘maame wata’ client took my colleagues undersea – Lady

A former hairdresser in Ghana has narrated how some of her colleagues were taken underwater by a client who was a ‘mermaid’.

According to the lady named Janet, the three colleagues of hers had been contracted to make hair for a client when they disappeared whilst at it .

One of them came back to narrate what happened but the other two have never been seen since then, according to Janet .

Janet, a young Ghanaian lady who used to be a hairdresser has revealed that she quit the job to now sell plastic bowls because of a strange incident that happened to some of her colleagues. In an interview with SV TV Africa, Janet indicated that a lady who was later found to be a ‘maame wata’ took three of her senior colleagues undersea.

According to Janet, the trio had been contracted to go and braid hair for the client and while they were at it, they suddenly found themselves under the sea screaming.


See the full narration below:





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