How God Saved Me From Suicide – Kumawood’s Bernard Nyarko Narrates

How God Saved Me From Suicide - Kumawood's Bernard Nyarko Narrates

Kumawood actor, Bishop Bernard Nyarko has revealed how he was saved by God after contemplating suicide out of betrayal after being generous to someone he regarded as a brother.

According to him, life at a point became so unbearable that he could not even afford trotro fare from Pakaso to Kejetia despite extending a hand of love to a brother and his girlfriend who moved in to settle with him.

“From Pakaso to Kejetia is like four miles. Someone will call me to come for assistance and when I get there my phone will go off. Consider the distance trekking back. The suffering was just becoming too much so I decided to end it all. I took a gun and decided to load it in order to kill myself”, he revealed.

He disclosed in a video that after writing a suicide note and preparing himself for death, he heard a song by Kojo Antwi being played on Kumasi-based Ashh Fm which talked about patience and life as major ingredients needed in life and as such re-considered his decision to end it all.

“After listening to lyrics of the song, I said to myself I don’t have to die. My brother who had abandoned me came back and that was another haul of problems”, he narrated his ordeal.

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