I Don’t Have A Big Song Yet But I’m One Of The Best Dancehall Artistes In Ghana’ – Epixode

I Don't Have A Big Song Yet But I'm One Of The Best Dancehall Artistes In Ghana’ – Epixode

Dancehall act, Epixode is without doubt one of the best artists in Ghana and I’m saying this on authority. In Ghana and elsewhere, artists are judged by the number of hit songs and awards they win and that is a bad criteria of assessment.

That’s why I like the confidence with which he said he’s one of the best Dancehall artists in Ghana although he’s yet to have a huge song.

Speaking on Hitz FM, Epixode said one can’t mention 5 top Dancehall acts in Ghana without mentioning his name.

”The fact that people appreciate that I am different from the rest, that alone is good for me. I don’t have a super big song but I am part of the top five dance hall artistes, he said.

On why he’s a graphic designer as well, he said, “Yes, i studied Visual Arts in SHS, then went to Ghanata to learn arts and more. Over the years I have done countless artworks for people, out of love. I stopped doing it because people became ungrateful. Now I just create the artworks for myself.

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