If Civilians Are Pelting Stones, Do You Respond With AK47? – Kwesi Pratt Chastise Military

Editor-in-Chief of the Insight newspaper, Kwesi Pratt has condemned the use of the Military for crowd control in the country.

Mr. Pratt expressed disappointment over the actions of some soldiers at Ejura and Wa in the Ashanti and Upper West Regions respectively.

At Ejura, some soldiers shot dead two protesters and injured four other people when the residents embarked on a street protest to seek justice for an activist in the community, Ibrahim Mohammed alias ‘Kaaka’, who was allegedly killed by a mob for his activism.

Following the Ejura incident, a video surfaced showing some Military officers also beating some residents in Wa.

Discussing both incidents on Peace FM’s ‘‘Kokrokoo”, the seasoned journalist rebuked the Military for resorting to the use of aggressive force in dealing with civilians.

”If someone is holding clubs and stones and you want to respond, should it be the use of AK47? Complete disproportionate force!”, he said in reference to the Ejura shooting incident.

Touching on the Wa incident, Mr. Pratt exclaimed; ”What’s going on? One person has stolen one mobile phone and this is the response? What if some people at Wa had shot a soldier? Then the entire Wa would have been in flames.”

Listen to him in the video below



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