‘I’m sorry for the insults’ – Lawyer Nti apologises to Mahama on behalf of Ghanaians

Comedian Lawyer Nti has apologised to former President John Dramani Mahama on behalf of all Ghanaians.

The “Kejetia Vs. Makola” actor has apologised over the insults hurled at Mahama during his tenure of office.

According to Lawyer Nti, the ‘level of smearing of the name and character’ of John Dramani Mahama by President Akufo Addo and Vice President Bawumia gave many people the audacity to insult the man.

He said the personal attacks Mahama endured wasn’t fair and that he is sorry for all the insults.

“Sadly, the level of smearing of the name & character of @JDMahama by Nana & Bawumia gave many the audacity to insult the man. I am not saying people were not chopping Ghana money under JDM but I am talking about the personal attacks he endured. Sir, I am sorry for the insults,” he tweeted.

He also said in separate tweets that a lot of people go into politics for their selfish gains and not in the interest of the people they serve.

“Most people don’t understand the veracity of what politics is doing to us. People enter politics at the tertiary level & work their way into the national political scene. 9/10 times the mindset is to go & chop Ghana money not to serve the people. Their interest lies in their pockets,” he tweeted.

Lawyer Nti chastised President Akufo-Addo for wanting to buy a new private jet.

“After all the things @NAkufoAddo has said & done in his political career, whoever would’ve thought that he would spend the “y3te sika so nso 3kcm di y3n” money on a private jet just so he can bath? Who would’ve thought some of the things happening today will do under his watch?”


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