Jean Mensa tricked us to send an info to John Mahama, put off her phones and announced the results – Mettle-Nunoo

The former minister of Health and the New Democratic Congress (NDC) rep at the Electoral Commission’s Strong room, Rojo Mettle-Nunoo has accused Jean Mensah of luring them out of the EC’s headquarters with a ploy of sending them to deliver a message to John Mahama before declaring Akufo Addo as the winner of the presidential elections.

Mr. Rojo Mettle-Nunoo made this revelation in an interview with Joy News television when he was reacting to the declaration of Akufo Addo as the president-elect by the EC in the election at the NDC’s headquarters in Accra.

“Jean Mensah, the Electoral Commissioner has not shown good faith. She told me and Dr. Kpessa Whyte to send a message to John Mahama, after leaving, she turned off her phone. I made several phone calls to her, but she did not pick it.” – Rojo Mettle-Nunoo alleges

He also revealed that he received a call from someone when he reached John Mahama’s house that Jean Mensah is announcing the result.

He then alleged that; Jean Mensah basically got the two of them out of the EC headquarters so that she could perpetuate what she was doing.According to him, he didn’t sign results from three regions before he was sent away to deliver the message to John Mahama.

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