Just In: Martin Amidu Exposes

Martin Amidu

Not long ago, we woke up to the news that Special Prosecutor had resigned from post. He alleged in his resignation letter to the president that the presidency interfered with his work, thereby making it difficult for him to carry out his mandate.

He also alleged that there has been a series of death threats directed at him following the corruption risk assessment he carried out into the controversial Agyapa deal.

However, a social commentator has this afternoon exposed the former special prosecutor. According to him, Martin Amidu is incompetent and there was no way he was going to make any progress so long as the fight against corruption in this country is concerned.

He continued that over 2 years after his appointment into office, Martin Amidu had not been able to prosecute anyone on the grounds of corruption. Since Ghanians had already begun bashing him for non-performance, he dicided to quit with the flimsy excuse that the presidency had been interfering with his work.

He added that Mr. Amidu goes after people based on personal grounds. According to Mr. Owusu, during the tenure of the NDC, Mr. Amidu was always on Mr. Mahama claiming he was corrupt, but later turned out that his allegations were just perceptions. This according to Mr. Owusu proves that Mr. Amidu cannot be trusted on his allegations against the presidency.



Credit: HenryArko