Koku Anyidoho Is Considered A “Judas” In NDC- Eric Adjei

Eric Adjei, Bono Regional Deputy Communications Officer for the National Democratic Congress (NDC) of the opposition, called a leading member of his party a “political Judas.”

Former NDC Deputy General Secretary Koku Anyidoho cannot be permitted to keep speaking against the party with no sort of penalty to prevent anyone else from exhibiting the same attitude.

Eric Adjei, speaking on the Ade Akye Abia Morning Show of Okay FM monitored by Mynewsghana, stressed the fact that while being friends with others on the other side of the political spectrum is “normal” it is not a chance to advance and start working against them.

He stated saying;

Koku Anyidoho cannot continue speaking ill of the NDC. In this country, we are all politicians and some cannot stand hunger; we have some politicians who can’t stand being in opposition and so when his party is voted out of power, he finds a way to enjoy its trappings with the other party in government.

He further went ahead to send a strong warning to koku as he calls him a judas for stabbing the NDC  in the back.

According to Eric, they all have friends in the other political parties but that do not make them turn their back on the party they swore to be faithful and true to.

We have friends in NPP and in CPP but the fact that I have friends in other political parties cannot and must not influence my decisions; it can never influence what I have to do to make my party come back to power.”

“….the NDC members are saying that you (Koku) are becoming a Political Judas in the party; if he does not know, we are telling him


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