Kwesi Aning recounts his encounter with an ‘intimidating’ officer on Apam-Mankessim highway

Prof Kwesi Aning has been recounting his encounter with a well-built police officer who has been extorting monies from motorists on the Apam-Mankessim highway in the Central Region.

Speaking on Newsfile, Prof Aning noted that, the intimidating posture of this police officer threatens drivers within the Central Region of Ghana and it also sends a signal that if the drivers do not give him, he will deal with the driver.

The Director of Faculty of Academic Affairs and Research at the Kofi Annan International Peacekeeping Training Centre (KAIPTC) is of the view that, the men and women in uniform must not be allowed to be terrifying citizens for no just course.

“Yesterday I was travelling, just after Apam there is this rather well-built police officer who was in white who stopped my vehicle and said ‘Chief, today is Friday, do something’, and the intimidating and threatening posture was that if you don’t pay, I will deal with you,” Prof Aning narrated.

“Once more, I am appealing to the IGP and the regional police commander [that there is] this big officer, and he is so big that I am sure every MTTD officer know him. Please, that man’s behaviour represented the gangsterism that we are talking about in Wa, and that was reflected in Ejura,” he added.

Prof Kwesi Aning, who promised to provide video evidence to the police authority indicated that, the officer’s behaviour on the highway is detrimental to the envisioned relationship between uniform forces and the civil populace.


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