Let your vote count for the NPP- APJ

The NDC and its aficionados are a group of inconsistent flip-flop, nation wreckers, with delusive record that impedes progress and the stability of this country.

Ghana is at the crossroads, and on Monday 7th December, the good people of this country will not repeat the mistake of 2008 which saw mother Ghana retrogressed like Usain Bolt running for a medal of the century, when Ghanaians fell for the propagandistic deceptive campaign of the NDC and voted for them.

They are back again with the same chimeric methodology and strategy to sully the purity of the Nana Addo-Bawumia led government, thinking it will work for them this time round.

The NDC can be likened to a confident trickster whenever they are in opposition and that has been demonstrated over the years anytime they deceptively blindfold Ghanaians into power, but they(NDC) have failed this time, as a gargantuan defeat awaits them on the 7th December.

Ghanaians cannot trust a party that puts a policy on tertiary education in it’s doubtful manifesto and at the eve of elections, make changes and substitute same with something they(NDC) know that, when given 20 years in power, incompetence will hinder them from executing not only their remixed manifesto but anything that emanate from
that quarters.

The mentality of some NPP supporters and sympathizers that, the NPP will win/has won even if ” I do not go to vote” should not be applicable to this crucial elections. Let your vote count, and let mine count for the NPP, for a secured resounding victory come December 7th.

Let the Osono(elephant) symbol be your focus on the ballot paper and vote no.1(ONE) for both PRESIDENTIAL and PARLIAMENTARY at every polling station you find yourself.

Godless our homeland Ghana and save us from the hands of the NDC.


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