Massive shake-up to hit agencies under Lands and Natural resources ministry

Agencies under the Lands and Natural Resources ministry will witness an unprecedented shake-up in the form of nationwide transfers, a source within the ministry has told

According to the source, the shake-up forms part of minister, Samuel Abu Jinapor’s strategy to inject efficiency into the operations of agencies under him.

The move, according to the source, is aimed at restoring sanity and reduce corruption in these agencies.

Familiarity, they say, breeds contempt and it’s the minister’s considered view that some workers of these agencies have overstayed their duty posts and may be suffering from the “familiarity breeds contempt” syndrome.


Apart from changes that will occur at the very top, affecting CEO, directors, and their likes, there will also be transfers of other staff, the source has disclosed.

The Lands and Natural Resources Ministry has oversight responsibility for agencies such as the Lands Commission; Office of the Administration of Stool Lands; Forestry Commission; and Minerals Commission.

Agencies such as the Geological Survey Department; Precious Minerals Marketing Company Limited; Ghana Boundary Commission; and National Forest Plantation Fund Board, all fall under the auspices of the Lands ministry.

The face of many of such changes, we are told, will happen this morning before midday.

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