Medikal made me popular by convincing me to venture into music – Okese1

Burgeoning Ghanaian rapper, Frank Nana Okese Afranie known in showbiz as Okese1 has disclosed on Kastle FM in Cape Coast monitored by that he was compelled to do music by ‘La Hustle’ hitmaker, Medikal.

“Well first of all I had not made up my mind to do music but Medikal always insisted that Okese1 you can do music so why ain’t you doing it,” Okese1 told host Amansan Krakye.

Narrating how he started as a rapper, the former Kumasi Anglican SHS product, Okese1 revealed on Kastle Drive that he was concentrating on his business ventures until Medikal prompted him that he can equally become a great musician.

He added “So I told him that he should do his music whilst I also concentrate in my corner to focus on my projects. However, later on I told myself that I have to take steps to venture into music and that’s how come I’m now doing viral songs.”

When Okese1 was asked by the host Amansan Krakye what impact Medikal has had on his musical journey so far, he said he’s popular because of Medikal’s affiliation.

“Right now it’s because of Medikal that’s why my name Okese1 is everywhere. Initially people used to know me as a business man but right now since I ventured into music it has exposed me to a lot of people,” he concluded .


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