Meet Bright Appiah, The Man Who Dragged Akuapim Poloo To Court

Akuapim Poloo has been sentenced to ninety (90) days in prison. This follows a picture she posted on social media which has since been described as indecent.

Most Ghanaians especially colleague celebrities of Akuapim Poloo have been raising wild voices over her conviction.

They believe the young actress could have been pardoned without being thrown to jail to serve a sentence.

The man who is behind the conviction of Akuapim Poloo is the Director of Child Right International Ghana, Bright Appiah.

Mr. Bright Appiah took the initial step by making an official complaint to the authorities about the indecent posture Akuapim Poloo has subjected her seven-year-old son into.

Mr. Bright Appiah believes that every child deserves to be treated right irrespective of their background. His organization has been championing the right of children in Ghana and in cases, they have dragged parents who maltreat their children to court.

Mr. Bright Appiah has also on several occasions supported needed children to undergo education. Parents who maltreat their children are not spared by Bright Appiah and his organization.

Meet Bright Appiah, The Man Who Dragged Akuapim Poloo To Court 1

He was unhappy when Akuapim Poloo posted the picture and decided to battle it out with her in the court of law.

In a letter he wrote to the Director-General of the Criminal Investigations Service in June 2020, Mr. Bright Appiah indicated that the actions portrayed by Akuapim Poloo are a clear violation of the children’s act of Ghana.

He intimated that Akuapim Poloo has abused the right of her child and must be made to pay the price. It was after his complaint that led to the conviction of Akuapim Poloo.

The actress apologized for her action later but that did not save her. She pleaded guilty and was jailed for three months in prison as a punishment for her action. Many are raising concerns about how her son will be catered for whilst she is in prison.


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