Military took charge at Ejura after police crowd control failed – A/R Minister

The Ashanti Regional Minister, Simon Osei-Mensah, has averred that the military took charge during the Ejura protest to disperse the angry crowd.

He explained that this comes after the police service’s inability to control the protesters.

Osei-Mensah stated that, “At that point [at Ejura] as I was informed the military moved forward for the police to go behind because that method used to disperse the crowd failed.”

The Minister furthered that it was prudent the military are used in such chaotic situations to restore calm.

Answering questions on whether this was the first time the military had front such an operation, Simon Osei-Mensah said, “I’ve used this strategy all this while. This is the first time we have casualties, and I think we should continue with it”.

He pointed out that he ordered the military to the chaotic scene after he gathered intelligence that the youth had planned to burn the Ejura police station.

The Ashanti Regional Minister told the 3-member committee probing the Ejura disturbance that he won’t mention the names of the informants.


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