My son is very intelligent and respectful – Mother of rasta boy rejected by Achimota

Two brilliant students who were placed to the Achimota School by the Computerized Social Placement system have been denied admission because of their dreadlocks.

Father of one of boys, who accompanied him for the admission letter, Ras Nkrabea made the discriminatory decision of Achimota School rival with a post on his social media pages.

This triggered talks on social media as to whether the brilliant boys deserve to be rejected base on their hair styles.

As usual, the conservatives masses on social media supported Achimota School and even linked Rastafarianism to immortality.

One or such comments by a certain Sampson Avinu, triggered the mother of one of the rejected students to come out and defend her child.

The mother, Maana Myers wrote the following as a reply to one social media user who took her son to the cleaners with his comment;

Sampson Avinu shame to hear you say such derogatory stuff without any concretes fact.

What do you know about Rasta or dreadlocks. Dreadlocks is a cultural identity which all black people had before slavery when we started using shave sticks and blade.

The same white man who says black is bad is the same one who made us hate our hair so our women can’t leave thier natural kinky hair but have to wear weaves.

My son is very affable, intelligent, respectful and gentleman. Sad he was turned away from Achimota school like a plague.

Don’t judge anyone by thier looks but your experience with them. For lack of knowledge my people perish, black man know thyself.


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