Nabco Trainees Demand Payment Of December Stipends Before Christmas Holiday Break.

“We have been celebrating dry Christmas for the past two years, our families have vehemently lost hope in us, especially during Christmas festivities, this time we are calling on H.E Nana Addo Dankwah Akufo Addo to come to our aid so that we can be paid before the Christmas holiday break”, the trainees noted.

Moreover, the hungry trainees of the governor flagship program narrated that, due to the poorest nature of the payment, they even find it difficult to cope with their families.

“Truly, this kind of treatment must be ceased, how can you pay us around 28th- 30th of December whilst all banks are on holiday breaks, honestly, we can no longer hold on to this hectic treatments”.

The Trainees were very optimistic that, the authorities of the scheme have deliberately been treating them in a such manner, mainly for their selfish gains.

“We don’t want to talk of arrears and backlogs, see , we have become total burden to our families with some of us having over nine months arrears, how do the Secretariat expect us to survive, they should act before it’s too late”.

Furthermore, they reiterated the tactical means by the Secretariat to delay the so called careerpathway process,since the nabco Secretariat already have their educational documents on their system..

“How can you be extending dates and time here and there, you already have our documents on your system , so it’s a deliberate attempt by the Secretariat to deny us the opportunity to be recruited as permanent staff, meanwhile, going round to pick families and friends to fill vacant positions”.they stated.


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